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Are you a school or an organisation that works with young people?
This event gives young people the amazing opportunity to apply for a job by answering an advert and submitting a CV and Cover Letter by a set deadline. Each Employer we bring in will be allocated a group of circa 5 students over the course of a morning or afternoon. The Employer in turn will give valuable, constructive, and written feedback on the way their interviewees performed.
By the end of this full-day event the teams of students will have created a viable business and if they win – will get to have their product manufactured. They will draw upon their combined skills in marketing, finance, sales, design and surprise both themselves and the employers working with them on their enterprise and creativity.
This is a seven month programme in which an Employer is matched with a student as a result of an in depth selection process. All Employers will have DBS clearance as well as extensive training in the role of a Mentor; and they will be supported throughout by the team at BEE.

Both parties agree to sign up to a minimum of 1 hour every 2 weeks during that period. Previous programmes have shown that dedication inspires results. Our experience proves that mentors have had a hugely positive impact not just by significantly improving GSCE results, but in the student’s personal life, confidence and self-esteem.
Hone and develop your interview / HR skills, or those of your staff by supporting this event. We set it up as if it were a real interview and as a consequence the students are genuinely nervous. We encourage you to be encouraging though! Invariably the students will leave your interview wanting to high five you! It’s a great feeling. This event necessitates a huge number of business volunteers so prepare to network.
If you volunteer for this event you will use your leadership skills to keep the teams on task. Anything you have ever learnt about keeping to deadlines, organisation, creativity, presentation skills, motivation and encouragement will be used here. Even if you think you are not competitive, you will be. You will want your team to win.
Please do not apply to be a mentor if you have never made a mistake, and if everything in your life has always gone really well. We need real people who understand how hard it can be to be successful! We would need you to sign up to a minimum of 1 hour every 2 weeks with your mentee over the course of 7 months. The upside of course is that dedication inspires results...we have countless examples of how just by being there for a young person, a mentor has given the gift of confidence and self-esteem which invariably has positive effects elsewhere in their lives (such as their GCSE results!) You will find that your mentee teaches you as well, mentors always report that they have learnt a great deal themselves.
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Deciding on a career pathway can be  mind boggling for a teenager. BEE De-mystify the choices by introducing students to employers in a 'career speed dating' event. Each student meets 8 or more professionals who have tips on entering their careers, real life stories and often props that illustrate their work. 
Once you are established in a career it can be very fulfilling to look back at how far you have come and how your journey began. Young people are fascinated to hear your story and ten minutes won't be enough to do justice to your career path. Students will ask searching questions and will want to know all the facts.
Entry level jobs in many sectors are often customer facing. Students get the chance to practise their communication skills and solve real life problems or lose a customer! Students face dissatisfied customers who will need to be persuaded not to go elsewhere by quick thinking and resourceful students.
All volunteers bring their experience of 'the customer' to this exercise. That maybe from client work in business or as a consumer of services. Whilst students may feel out of their depth  the volunteer's patience allows the student to resolve a realistic customer complaint and develop communication skills. 
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